The idea of living a sustainable lifestyle is a fairly new one to me. Born in the city I was oblivious to the impact I was having on the world- waste is a fact of life right? It wasn't until I moved West in 2017 and began a life closer to nature that I realised something had to change. 


I have always loved the countryside but moving closer to it was a huge eye opener for me. Seeing first hand the effect we have on the world around us. Hedgerows strewn with takeaway food wrappers, birds nests made with shreds of plastic and hedgehogs caught in the plastic rings used to hold cans together (to name a few of the signs I've experienced in the past year!). 


This is frankly not acceptable; why should the existence of one species on this planet have such a detrimental effect on the millions of others around the world? How do humans continue to ignore the deafening sound of the natural world screaming out for change.


Panacea Dorset is my solution to help reduce the impact on our beautiful planet. I want to help people find amazing products that will not only enrich their lives but reduce waste at the same time. Together we can make a real difference!

P.S. The hedgehog made a full recovery, check out the video on our Facebook page to see him having his first drink after being untangled!



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