Anti Bacterial Honey and Oat Soap Bar

Anti Bacterial Honey and Oat Soap Bar

Honey has antimicrobial properties which means it cleans skin gently without stripping the natural oils leaving skin hydrated. It's also an effective antibiotic, killing bacteria and aiding healing processes making it a great option if you suffer from acne.


Oats are used not only to gently exfoliate while you wash but they're highly moisturising and can even reduce the effects of inflamed and irritated skin. 


Soap bars are a brilliant and easy swap to add to your plastic free life!


Suitable for all skin types


Handmade in Devon

SLS free

Cruelty free

Plastic Free

  • Packaging

    Packaged in a paper sleeve

  • How to Use

    Make the most of your soap bar by using a sisal soap pouch! 

  • Ingredients

    Saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Sustainably sourced Palm Oil, Honey, Oats