Non-Bio Laundry Powder Lavender

Non-Bio Laundry Powder Lavender

A lavender scented laundry detergent made from renewable plant-based material and minerals, while giving an impressive clean as low as 30 degrees.


Gentle enough for sensitive skin and it's readily biodegradable which means if it gets into waterways it will biodegrade and won't be harmful to wildlife.


28 Washes

Suitable for colours and whites



Made in the UK

Naturally fragranced


Readily biodegradable

Free from Phosphates, Preservatives, Enzymes, and Synthetic Perfumes

SLS Free


Safe for septic tanks and cesspits

No colours or dyes

  • Packaging

    100% Compostable & recyclable packaging

    The outer box is a compostable card and the bag lining is made from fully compostable and renewable NatureFlex™ 

  • How to Use

    Measure out 70ml (4 tablespoons) of powder per one load of washing. For top loading machines add the powder directly into the drum before adding clothes. For front loading machines add powder to the detergent drawer. Wash at recommended 30°C.

  • Ingredients

    Sodium Carbonate <20%, Sodium Percarbonate 5-10%, Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydrate <5%, Sodium Dodecylbenzene Sulphonate <5, Natural Soaping agents <5%, Anionic Surfactants <5%